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How the dream began…

  We have always known that we need to make theatre. The only issue was the ‘How?’. Six months before we finished university, we decided that starting our own theatre company was the bravest and dumbest thing we can do. That is when we just started emailing everywhere asking for help. Out of that period of chaos, our most fulfilling relationships began. We have met amazing people that care about art, and helping some new artists achieve their dreams. Our journey alongside them continues and we would like to tell you a bit about each of them.

The first people to help us were ‘The Mighty Creatives’, an amazing charity with the mission to support the artistic creativity of young people all over the UK. When we met them we were three Derby University students who had some ideas for plays, and now we are entrepreneurs who run their own company. Through their guidance we have learned what type of company we want to be, and what type of leaders we want to become.

All three of us knew how to write a play and how to ‘be a flower that opens up to the sun’, because those are things you have to learn as a future artist. Unfortunately, nobody knew how to run a business.

The help that we received from the Mighty Creatives has led us to learning about our own company and about the part that we each play in that team. We have learned what our business model is and what type of leadership works best for each of us. 

Apart from the knowledge we got from meeting with them, we also got something that isn’t taught in workshops: respect. As a new company that nobody has ever heard of before, it is very simple for people to dismiss us.

It is certainly not easy to give it your best shot when people don’t even answer your emails. But, the Mighty Creatives have listened to our ideas and our plans for the future with genuine interest that made us feel valued. It is impossible to realise how many things we are actually working on until we start telling Becky, our business coach. She simply listens, smiles, and asks us how she can help us best. But she doesn’t realise that she already has, by treating us like real artists, in an industry where few people care about you if you don’t have an Edinburgh Fringe First award.

So thank you Mighty Creatives, thank you for all the things that you have taught us and for treating our dream like it was your dream too. Our journey together has only begun, so we will keep you posted with more updates as we continue to work alongside this great charity.

Thank you for reading so far, you are a star. We would also like to remind you that we have a newly opened website. Hope you like it. – Andy out.

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